Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This is a little clip on what we did for our elections
topic for the term. It shows our kids voting afternoon
in which room 15 and 16 placed their votes.
Tamaki Intermediate was 1 of many schools which
participated in the kids voting 2008, and would like to
hear some feed back from all of the other schools that
took part.

Hope you enjoy our clip...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Science fair

I really enjoyed plannig something for the science fair. It took a lot of effort to make the display board and when I was done I thought it looked really cool. But unfortunately my effort wasn't enough to ge a place among the rest. OOhh well better luck next time.

By Carol-anne Rangi

Science Fair

My Science Fair Project Was 0n: antartica!!!
i was in a group of 3, with my 2 best friends Misipa and Lavinia. It was about global warming effecting Antartica.
In our science fair project we came 3rd place as bronze. we felt very proud of ourselves for coming 3rd place.

0n behalf of our group, i would like to thank Mrs Siggamoney for incouriging us to do our task.

By Maggie.

Science fair

I thought the science Fair was good and well presented.
Unfortunately my group did not finish the science fair project, but any way congratulations to all the other groups.

Ranui Graham

Science Fair

My Science Fair Project was called Trapping Our Air! I was in a great group of three with Santana, Meleana an myself Tori. Our project was a bout Trapping Air, then you shake the soft drink, then the oxygen from the soft drink went up into the balloon and blew it up.

On behalf of our group I would like to thank Mrs Sigamoney for supporting us to get this task done! Thanks Mrs Sigamoney!

By Tori Lindsay
Room 15



talofa lava !! great work and good project boards !!
you can become NEW ZEALAND'S future scientist!!
Keep up the good work!! =]

Science fair

I enjoyed making my minature volcano for the project and helping with our board. I think we did really well for science fair. I hope everyone enjoyed the year 8 science fair.

Takawai Herbert room 15